Shawn and Melissa have taught me innumerable valuable things through our friendships and working relations. Their patience and dedication to cob is admirable and refreshing and they are wonderful teachers. The composition of cob, the foundation structure and the inspiring material hunts were all wonderful lessons and working with my hands (and feet) provided a multitude of awakenings and sensory experiences I will value for eternity! Thank you, Shawn and Melissa, for teaching and loving your passion. I hope to be so fortunate to someday have my own cob cottage!

Warmly, Ashley

I've attended two workshops hosted by Shawn and Melissa. As instructors, they are dynamic, informative, and very attentive - going the extra mile to show or explain something in detail. I walk away from each workshop with newfound information and skills that stay with me, and a feeling of empowerment. As people, they are very friendly and always make you feel welcome and at home. I'm so grateful to have joined their workshops and I would recommend them to anyone. You will surely get pumped up about natural building and make new friends!

- Ayse (Founder, The Mending News)

I first met Shawn King a couple of summers ago at a Cob Oven workshop in Mendocino County. I’d never been to a workshop that was so much fun! Even little children were laughing and learning how to work with natural materials that we can harvest ourselves! I couldn’t believe it! I knew that I wanted MORE! So I quickly set about trying to engage Shawn and his lovely partner Melissa to come out to my permaculture farm and commence with the Cob Building teachings. Now, I’m a person who seriously flounders in just about any classroom setting, so for me to be impressed with ANY teacher is a major big deal. I find Shawn to be talented, witty, highly intelligent, and yet VERY flexible and open to exploring the process of natural building every step of the way. His classes are full of creative twists, turns, and “what if’s” that make learning interesting and a lot of fun! And most exciting of all, Shawn’s passion for making hand-made homes from natural materials accessible to as many people as possible is seriously contagious! I LOVE THIS WORK and so will you!

- Brenda

Shawn and Melissa were my first natural building teachers - within one day of their workshops I was teaching others how to mix cob myself! They always offer clear explanations, are very responsive to questions, and together share an immense knowledge of the materials and techniques. Their passion for exploring and experimenting with different natural building materials is incredibly inspirational - they are always refining new techniques, new plaster mixes, and new ways of making the building process more efficient and enjoyable. Shawn and Melissa have been pivotal in my own path to becoming a competent and passionate natural builder.

- Brennan Bird (Founder, Peace On Earthbench Movement (POEM) -

I have both attended and hosted workshops with Shawn and Melissa and I have experienced both of them to be a pleasure to learn and work with. Their open minded and experimental approach to their own learning as well as their teaching creates an engaging and interactive environment. Working and learning with them has been educational, fun, and empowering.

- Clay Bustin